Rooms are available for Hire

On a Long-term or Short-term basis


Main Auditorium

This auditorium is available for all kinds of conferences or professional development days.
Available is also ways to display media and PA equipment (additional charges will apply)

Want to have a meal?

Available is seating for up to 75 people.
although our kitchen is modestly fitted with a stove and benches, it is a good size so catering can be done from it.


Office Space

This Office space is available for Hire.
This space can be used to provide counselling services.
We would like to offer a counselling service every workday of the week.
Therefore, if you are a counsellor and looking for a place to offer your services to the Armadale community, come and talk to us.

Seminar Rooms

We have three rooms available downstairs.

One large one (approx. 10m X 6m) and two smaller ones (approx. 5m X 4m).

all rooms have power, lighting, and audio/visual equipment available.

We envisage that they could be used for:

  • one-off and/or ongoing classes

  • counselling services

  • Professional Development seminars

  • etc.

If you are in need of a room to offer any of the services , come and talk to us.

Room 1_edited.jpg

Do you want to join any one of our services or prayer groups? Get in touch with us today, or swing by for a visit.